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200+ Fiction Writing Prompts for Beginners!

Hey there! So, a little birdie told me that you may be in need of some inspo when it comes to creative or fiction writing. We all know that practice makes perfect… And, with that in mind, I have created 200+ fiction writing prompts for beginners (or anyone really, no one is ever perfect when it comes to writing).

You will find in this download, various categories ranging from genre to writing skill to scenarios etc. If you like to write in multiple genres, you will find fantasy, romance, historical fiction, thriller, young adult prompts, and more.

To help you hone your writing skill, or just to enjoy the creative process, I have included prompts that focus on skills such as first lines, characters, and location creation. These categories help sharpen your storytelling skills that will keep your reader fascinated with your main character, immerse them in the setting and story, and want to read on.

Sound ok so far?

I have also included some scene writing, such as fight scenes, love scenes, and particular scenarios that you can bend whichever way you see fit to make a compelling scene and memorable character.

These writing prompts are simplistic in their form, but you could for a challenge, add two prompts together or randomly pick three and form a story around them. For instance, you could pick a thriller prompt, a location prompt, and a gunfight scene prompt… See where I’m going with this??

Or if you want to get super crazy, grab a dice and roll it and see what number comes up, pick the categories out of a hat and you must write those prompts, no matter how silly or awkward. Sometimes writing badly helps up to understand what good writing looks and feels like, and this lesson is as valuable as any on good writing practices!

Right, enough talking, let’s write! Feel free to let me know in the comments below which ones you choose. And if you are game enough to play the dice game, I would love to see what you create!!

Grab your copy of the 200+ Fiction Writing Prompts here.

Til next time,

Rose-Marie xx

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