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Fall of the Sands

Book Three


💙 My heart broke the minute Mason slid his arm around my waist and I stood before my father. Harm watched. My heart shattered. I'm am here to do a job. Hanola's words replay through my mind, over and over. This is his only chance, Harm's only chance, if we are to change things for the better.
I just pray that I don't lose him in the process.

🤎Imani is gone.
Mason took her.
His breaths are numbered…
Hanola has me working with my hands, running around her sector preparing for a fight.
Callian is my constant shadow, as if the prospect of me being alone with her, is too dangerous.
I just want this to be over.
I want Imani back.

🩶 I stare into the eyes of my commander, praying my gaze doesn't falter. Praying he can't read the thoughts careening through my mind. He has to believe me or it's over. For me and Imani. I can't let that happen, I made a promise to bring her home. And I will do whatever it takes to keep it.

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