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🤎 Everything Harmen Travesci believes about his life is a lie…


For Harm’s entire life his parents have sheltered him from the world beyond their village, and for good reason. 

But all he dreams of is freedom… That and a girl with brilliant blue eyes and dark hair. 

Every six months the Guardians of the regime that enforce the Chancellor’s rule, select boys for its ranks. 

Nobody wants to be taken.

And when the regime starts taking more and more boys, Harm rebels. 

It costs him dearly. 

Now more than ever Harm wants to end the Chancellor’s reign and change his world. 



💙 Imani’s fierce spirit may be the death of her.


For the past five years she has wandered the sands helping its people escape the clutches of the Guardian Regime. 

But she has a secret…

And when she helps save a boy from execution in Amondo, her life takes a turn for the unexpected. 

He was not part of the plan. 

Now, her secret threatens to deliver the person she loves the most, into the Regime’s hands, and to the gallows. 

Sands of Ruin

  • Paperback, Signed Copy.

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