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Dive head first into the desert and see how our favourite characters met. How the regime turned for the worst. And the one thing that drove a friendship apart.


She ran. She left her home and her family.

She couldn't stay. Not now everything was changing.  She needed to make a difference. Things were about to go from bad to worse for the people of the sands.

Now, more than ever, Imani had to act.

Under the tyrannous hand of his father, Mason is trapped. He counts down the days that something, anything changes. His life is slipping away like grains of sands through trembling fingers, carried away on the hot breeze.

He is all out of hope.

Harmen homes his craft and keeps the tax collecting Guardians at bay. Between him and his father, they see their family stay out of the well, just. Failure to pay your taxes is a watery death. And the rules are changing. When a new Commander is appointed to the regime, it seems the suffering has only just begun.

Life is one impossible choice after another ...

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