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Self-Care for Writers

It’s a buzzword right, self-care. When I see this I am inclined to roll my eyes and keep scrolling. But, we do need to fill our cup, and I know we are all busy. Writing, whether full-time or in the spare moment of your day, while a creative outlet, can still whittle you down. The pressure we put on ourselves to get the words down and make deadlines. In the end, this passion can turn out like any other job if you let it. We can use self-care to keep our cups as full as we can.

We can make a difference in the energy we bring to our writing by looking after ourselves first. Notice I didn’t say when we can, or after we have done all the other tasks on the list. Spoiler, but that list

will never have an end. Self-care or downtime looks different for everyone, and honestly, just do what makes you feel re-energized and good about yourself. I wouldn’t dare prescribe a one size fits all solution. Every writer is different, and that is the way we are supposed to be. How else would we be able to create stories and prose so incredibly diverse? Readers need that.

To get you started, I will share a few versions of self-care that I have either used or seen other writers take up.

Morning Pages

This is a longhand, written activity. Write up to three pages by hand in your journal or dedicated morning pages notebook. Just write what comes to mind. It is a stream of consciousness written. These pages are for your eyes only. You can see how Lavendaire does this here -


While similar to morning pages, you can journal about more conscious thoughts that help you work through challenges and life stuff that comes up during the day. If you haven’t yet found a journal that you love, check these out. Leather Locking JournalWhite A5 Dotted JournalPremium Bullet JournalClassic Moleskin Journal


Most writers are prolific readers. If you enjoy immersing yourself in another time and place, or perhaps even another world, make sure you plan reading time. Not only does this help you relax and have some time out from the hectic lives we live, it makes you a better writer!

Craft/Hands-On Projects

If your brain, like mine, has a million tabs open at any given time, you will be pleased to hear that working with your hands unwinds your mind! It is true. Doing a hands-on project gives your brain the time and space it needs to focus on other, less stressful tasks, and meanwhile, your subconscious will work away quietly in the background, solving problems. Try it! For a list of awesome crafts, check out this article from The Spruce Craft, and this one from Styles At Life.

Date Yourself

Bear with me here… Time for yourself doesn’t get much better than a coffee date with yourself, or a lunch date with a book! You can even make it a weekly occurrence. You have to eat, right??

Listen to Music

While you do everyday mundane tasks like folding washing, mowing, vacuuming, cleaning, and cooking, you can bust out the tunes that make you feel better. Create a playlist of upbeat songs that raise your vibration.

Get out in nature

Get outside! I know you sit in front of your computer for hours; it goes with the job of being a writer, but sunshine and nature will give you more than just a serotonin boost. Nature and noticing your surroundings while hiking, walking, or just being in your garden will help you better describe your settings, objects, sounds, touch, and smell (taste if your game) when you get back to your desk and your fingers hit the keyboard once again.

Honour Hour

This one is my favourite! Once a week you can dedicate an hour to doing things that make you feel relaxed, good about yourself and loved. This can entail anything. Think personal care, like baths, facemask and wine, audiobook, and massage (if you can wrangle that). Treat yourself to the pampering that you adore.

I hope you have found something in this list of self-care possibilities you can use to refill your cup. If you have any other self-care tips that other writers would love to hear, just comment on the blog post.

Until next time,

Take it easy, write some words!

Rose-Marie X

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