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How To Finally Start Your Novel!

Hey There,

Yes, you… I see you. And I have also been you! Wanting so desperately to write your novel, to put those characters and their world inside your head onto paper, to create something magical. Please, know you are not alone. And please know, it is possible.

You see, not too long ago, I had an idea and a story that was busily building away in my mind as I went about my daily chores and life. The more it unfolded, the more I felt the overwhelming urge to write it down and expand it into the story and the magic it deserved.

It is fairly common that our family and friends don’t get it. Writing is a creative art, like painting or building custom furniture pieces. It takes time and imagination, skill, and dedication. What it isn’t, however, is impossible. It is very possible and can sometimes just mean that we need to carve out a little time every day or a couple of times a week to work on what lights us up!

To write an entire novel is a very daunting task, so like any other mammoth task, break it into smaller pieces or tasks. Nobody, I literally mean nobody, is expecting you to sit down and bust out an entire novel in a couple of weeks or sittings. And, honestly, if you did, would you be proud of that work?

It takes time and a little percolation to create a story worth reading. One that encapsulates your reader and transports them into the pages of your world. You know the feeling right? When you’re reading a story that immerses you and the rest of the world simply disappears??

So, back to breaking down the task that lies ahead… Your story can be built using solid foundations that make a fabulous story. These are but are not limited to the following, a relatable main character, a plot or character arc that leads the reader through the protagonist’s transformation, and a setting that envelopes your reader and writing that is neither repetitive nor awkward.

To help you get started and work through the areas just mentioned I have created a ‘Start Your Story’ workbook that will help you flesh out your story’s plot, your main character and their backstory, the setting, and story arc to propel your reader through your story and surround them with the magic created by your world and words.

You can join the community and download this resource and many more from the Resource Library over on my Patreon page. Click the link below to check it out.

I can’t wait to see you in the community and share your writing journey!

Until next time,

Take it easy and write well…


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