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Count Those Words, Track Your Writing Progress, Stay Motivated!!

Almost every writer that ever lived has struggled with motivation or writer’s block at one point or another in their writing career. Yes, even the greats. Today I am here to help you find some mojo.

There are so many reasons why this happens to you, me, and every other writer on the planet. Some find it incredibly hard to find that time, working a full-time job still. Some feel the pressure of perfection, and some just plain don’t know where to start.

Whatever the reason for your loss of mojo, there is one tool that can help you find your motivation and hold on to it!

Let me introduce you to my dear friend, the Word Count Tracker. Now, before you fade off the page and click the next shiny button that takes your fancy, let me tell you my secret…

Seeing your progress visually, lights up part of your brain that triggers the reward center and this, in turn, makes you happy. We all know that things that make us happy, usually fall into the category of tasks we enjoy doing.

So now, you have your Word Count Tracker all set up, you are sitting down for 15-minute sprints, maybe 30 minutes, sprints, and if you are truly spoiled, oh my gosh, a one-hour writing sprint!

Next, you pull up that manuscript you have poured time and love into, and you start to write. You have allowed yourself this small amount of time as a gift to yourself to work on something that really matters to you. It lights up your soul! Set a timer and off you go, write your heart out.

The alarm rings and you can now check how many words you have fashioned to this page. I bet it is more than you thought you would get in a short sprint! Your next task is to pop that number into your Word Count Tracker. See, it feels good, doesn’t it? You can thank me later. 😉

The only thing you have left is to celebrate a successful writing session and start planning obsessively when you can fit more in. You will soon see your Word Count Tracker filling up and your progress zooming ahead at light speed.

So, how do you create a word count tracker? You can create one in Excel, in a journal, use a word doc, the options are endless. However, just in case you are strapped for time, we have one you can grab when you join the community. It allows you to track multiple writing projects at a time (if you’re one of those multitasking writers) and it will give you a total word count across all projects to keep you even more raring to go.

You can follow this link to grab your copy of the Word Count Tracker, join the community for writers and get access to a Resource Library for Aspiring Authors that is constantly updated and added to.

Now, I leave you with one task… Count your words! Love your writing.

Til’ next time,


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